Wee Weekend in Scotland

I spent the past weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland and had a fantastic time! I took my mom as a present for her 65th birthday and it just so happened that the trip took place over Mother´s Day weekend, so that was our first time celebrating it together since 2011 before I moved to Bogotá!

We stayed at the Barony House B&B, which was lovely and had a HUGE breakfast along with very friendly owners. The location was a bit out of the city, but quite nice in that there were multiple bus lines that went past so it was easy to get around the city without a car.

I must say that the highlight of the trip was our visit to Edinburgh Castle. With my current Grade 10 English students we are looking at Shakespeare´s Macbeth, which he wrote for James I of England. Of course, James happened to be born as James VI of Scotland and his birthplace was Edinburgh Castle! The English Literature geek in me loved to see that piece of history and its literary connections. It was just last summer that I got to see the Measure for Measure being performed at the Globe Theatre, so I really feel much more connected to the rich history of Shakespeare from my trips to the UK!

With my Mom in front of the birthplace of James VI of Scotland aka James I of England!

I also highly recommend the Scotch Whisky Experience as it was very well-organized and entertaining, and I learned some new reasons to appreciate Scotch Whisky. That being said, I still prefer my Belgian Beers (especially Duchesse de Bourgogne).

We also found a great restaurant near our B&B called SouthPour: and it was packed on Friday night! Delicious food, good drinks and live music! Around the corner was the Old Bell Inn pub which also had some very tasty chili con carne nachos!

Also managed to check out the Royal Brittania Yacht and it was quite interesting to see all the different parts of the ship, from where the royals stayed to where the lowest levels of crew lived. Of course, there was a bit of different in the residences!

Another cool (but chilly) experience was checking out Craigmillar Castle. It is just the ruins of the castle, but it is very well preserved and doesn´t have many tourists, so you get to feel like you have the place to yourself! The kids with one family there were having the best time exploring all the different rooms and spiral staircases. I even heard one child say ¨this is the coolest thing EVER¨ as they were running around it. It really is quite incredible to think about the number of castles in Scotland and their role in society.

Anyhow, an excellent wee trip over to learn about a country that my  great grandparents left to start a new life in Canada.


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