My 30 Day Barre Challenge Experience

I have a complete spinal fusion from my Scoliosis surgery, so have very little mobility in my spine. You definitely won´t see me being able to fully twist sideways or other actions that most people take for granted. However, I have learned that the best way to support my spine and get less pain, is to try to strengthen my muscles so there is less pressure on the spine and I am less prone to injury.

I have found Pilates Reformer classes to be a great option for me as the spine is generally straight and it still manages to work every part of your body. I have also been doing some barre classes and enjoy those as sometimes they feel a bit more exciting (the music helps for sure) than my Pilates classes.

Over the holidays I did a week all-inclusive in Mexico and was feeling a bit blah upon returning. That´s when I got an email from Pure Barre that they were offering a 30 Day Pure Barre Challenge. Essentially, the challenge is to do 20 class at Pure Barre in 30 days. I wasn´t sure where I would get to in the challenge, but decided I wanted to sign up and try.

My first class was brutal. I hadn´t worked out in MONTHS! I was a hot mess, but I made it through. At the end of class anyone doing the challenge got a pretty rhinestone stick to put on the tracking chart next to their name. One down, nineteen to go!

Next thing I knew, I was one of those people who is going to classes multiple days in a row. At the end of it all I found that I had become part of a welcoming community and had found a new passion. I am not going as often as I was during the challenge itself, but I am still trying to prioritize my health and wellness by going at least twice a week to barre.  Living in Vancouver it is also easy to stay healthy by going for walks along the water, so I try to balance my indoor workouts with enjoying all that my beautiful city has to offer!

Artwork at the Pure Barre studio


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